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Flag Day Celebrations:

3rd November 2015

Objectives: To ensure that students are aware of the UAE Flag and its history and implications.
To enhance team spirit

Outcomes: Students will be able to associate the UAE flag to its history and implications
Students will have experienced team building exercises that helps them to be better team players.

School News Reporter: Ms. Rachel Mammen

As 3rdof November was U.A.E’s National Flag Day, The Indian Academy – Dubai decided to celebrate it in the most exciting and fun filled way possible. It had been announced that the students should wear different colours of the U.A.E flag for making an ever so beautiful human flag! It was scheduled according to their grades. It was as follows:

School staff and Kg 1: black

Kg 2: white

Grades 1-8: red/green/black

Teachers and students also presented an enlightening assembly on the relevance of the Flag Day and its implications. As we entered the multi-purpose hall, we could hear loud, melodious music from the school’s very own Brass Band. And then the assembly followed. It started off with the Quran recitation and its translation. Then it was followed by the school Prayer and then the National Anthem of U.A.E was sung.

And then came a marvellous speech said in English and its translation to Arabic followed. Then a short, sweet poem was recited by Ms. Rachel of grade 8 (myself), and all this was put in action by students from grade 6-8.

The Principal then shared his thoughts and emotions on the event which was followed by the Indian national anthem.

Then the most exciting instance occurred, the human flag!

Both the teachers and students headed to the bus bay were the flag formation begun. There was a lot of hustle and bustle at the start but its end result were students from kg1-grade8 lined up neatly to uncover the human flag! It was indeed a sight! There was also a flag made with palm prints of children put up neatly by the side of the human fag. An entire row of students swayed their flags in the air to add up to the beauty of the gathering.

Pictures were clicked and then the students lined up and headed to their classes.

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