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The Indian Academy School started an optional programme for the students of FS to Grade 2 called ‘The Pupil Enrichment Programme’. This programme which is an extension to our learning is a thrilling journey that helps develop and enhance a child’s imagination and creativity. It offers activities that include the Recycling Club, Karate, Aerobics, Music and Ballet.

The Pupil Enrichment Programme gives children the opportunity to participate in activities once a week, comprising of 8 classes.

The Ballet sessions cater to the girls and Karate for both Boys and Girls that is held once a week. The students are trained to bring out their inner talent, through a new innovative platform. The children develop better motor skills, coordination and rhythm through ballet.

We have introduced this programme to facilitate and allow children to look forward and enjoy being part of a setting that is different from a normal class.

At the end of the 8 classes, the students showcased the newly learnt skills on 16th November 2014. Parents were invited and enjoyed watching their children perform.

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