• Our Mission

    In every student we intend to develop an active and creative mind, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress on total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.


    We strive to create and maintain a learning environment that is stimulating so our children can achieve their fullest potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development, to become productive citizens in a multicultural society. 

    Core Values

    We believe in Cooperation, excellence, friendship, integrity, respect and responsibility. These values are instilled in all our children so they can aspire to be high achievers in all aspects. We ensure that they have high regards for themselves and for others.


The Indian Academy, Dubai, welcomes you to yet another successful year of learning and achievements. Situated in Qusais, The Indian Academy, Dubai, provides Indian Curriculum as its teaching methodology for KG 1 to Grade 10. It is a K-12 model school which will grow by a grade every year. As an Indian Curriculum school, a fine blend of the best of all boards is adopted and taught to the students thereby giving them a high and challenging platform for learning and applying their innovative skills. It is integrated, interdisciplinary and theme-based to help children see the connections and correlate thereby enabling retention. It is activity based and experiential thereby fostering involvement and enjoyment. The topics taught are supported by project work, field trips and culminating activities, which enrich and enhance the knowledge and skills of every child. The learning program, is not only challenging, but is designed to address all three (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) learning styles thereby being sensitive to the needs of individual students. A program that makes the children confident and encourages them to be inquisitive, explore, analyse and apply is the aim of the school.

We believe in a holistic approach – the education of the whole child, with a fine balance of emphasis on academic, social, physical, aesthetic, and spiritual growth. After forming a strong base up to Grade VIII. The school caters to both the boards and ensures a seamless transition to either of the boards. The infrastructure has been planned and designed to suit every requirement of the students. The facilities available are equipped with all necessities to ensure comfortable, safe and secure student life inside the campus. The overall development of your precious ones is our main aim through this caring school, combining the best traditional and modern teaching methods within a friendly and supportive environment. We invite you to be a part of our Parent Participation Programme (PPP) to support our efforts focusing on students’ personal & social development.

  • To be recognized by the success of our students
  • To make student development the center of all school decisions
  • To implement the CBSE curriculum Learner Profile in an innovative way
  • To celebrate the diversity of our cultures, backgrounds and perspectives
  • To aspire for to the highest internationally recognized performance standards
  • To create a learning environment that will positively contribute to international and local communities
  • The CBSE curriculum Learner Profile leads to the holistic development of students
  • A healthy mind and body, a positive attitude and behavior, helps to focus and learn
  • Teamwork among students, teachers and parents is critical to the overall learning process
  • Encouraging students to take pride in their achievements and applaud others’ achievements
  • The pursuit of excellence whilst balancing the academic, aesthetic and athletic facets of education
  • Effective teaching in a safe, positive school environment enables children to develop academically and socially
  • Using technology to enhance learning
  • Empowering students with a global and a local perspective
  • Developing each student’s individual potential for leadership
  • Responding sensitively to the full range of students’ educational needs
  • Bench marking with the highest internationally recognized performance standards
  • Utilizing the CBSE curriculum and reinforcing the core of the program models for our curriculum
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