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Kindergarten - Sports Meet


The purpose of physical education in school is greatly appreciated at The Indian Academy, Dubai and all the students either participate in active Sports or compulsory physical exercise in order to build healthy bodies. The Sports Day for Kindergarten is an example of this.

The Kindergarten Section of TIA, Dubai had their Sports Meet on Thursday, 10th December 2015 at their school campus. The theme was ENVIRONMENT and the ground was decorated supporting the theme.

The Chief guests for the day were Al Syed Saleh Al Ahmedi and Jaasim Ghalum from the personal Sports awareness team of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed.

The overall event was guided by the Principal Dr. Aninda Chatterjee and the Head of Kindergarten Mrs. Bhairavi Terdalkar.

The day started off with a colorful walk past by the children of both Kindergarten 1 and 2. There were also colorful displays and novelty races and the specialty was that each child got a chance to participate on the field. Parents came in large numbers and very enthusiastically took part in the race specially designed for them.

PE instructors Ms. Anita Nath and Mr. Qaiser were on their toes through out to ensure the smooth functioning of the event. The whole event was compered by Mrs. Sarah Sunil and Ms. Bernadite Rakhee. Every staff put in their best to make this day a success. The Support staff left no stone unturned to convert the sports field into the most befitting one.

The heroes of the day, our very own children went home happily with a certificate of participation and a gift, totally satisfied.

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