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To bring out the essence of puppet making and to ensure that children have the exposure to the various layers of learning Wide Angle Events in partnership with BIC, held an Interschool Puppet Show Competition on Tuesday 25th November 2014 at ‘The UAE Ministry of Education – Dubai.’ BIC uses ‘art’ as a platform to help children enhance their communications skills, educating them through play sessions in which they learn how to make a puppet using BIC® products with a special focus on BIC® 4. The main character the ‘BIC BOY puppet character is the main hero.

Six schools participated in the competition. The Far Eastern Private School, Sharjah was judged to be the overall winner, with JSS Private School, Al-Safa Dubai clinching the second prize and The Indian Academy Dubai third, in a ceremony held at the UAE Ministry of Education’s theatre in Al Qusais

Students of TIA Dubai bagged the Third Prize. The theme of the Puppet Show was “Friendship and Commitment” which was portrayed through the story ” The Monkey and the Crocodile.” Eight students participated in the show. They were trained and guided by our able and talented teachers. The students were thrilled to carry home many gifts and a certificate.

Held At The UAE Ministry of Education – Dubai

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