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Ms. Jwairia Saleem
Ms. Jwairia Saleem Principal - The Indian Academy, Dubai
Schools are microcosms of larger communities in which they exist, and are places where children learn all skills needed for life in the larger world.

At the Indian Academy Dubai , we put in  a great deal of planning and effort to design a learning environment that provides for a very smooth transition from the protective care of parents  in the confines of their homes to the challenges of life in the global world.

The kindergarten team welcomes the children and parents, with gentle assurances, fully understanding their anxieties and apprehensions. A judicious blend of structured and free play introduces the children to routines that help them grow socially and emotionally while they embark on their learning journeys. Making new friends, managing their emotions, dealing with different viewpoints, expressing dissent in socially acceptable ways are skills that they pick up and develop along the way; ones that will hold them in good stead years later in the world of work.

Beyond kindergarten years, while the focus of most parents is on learning core subjects, we continue our efforts to weave academic instruction with life skills, values and character building, knowing well that success today requires much more than academic excellence. Self-fulfillment requires the ability to be perceptive, adapt to change, think on one’s feet, work in a team, and make informed decisions. It is with this goal in mind that we have carefully crafted our curriculum, beautifully blending activities ranging from rigorous sports to creative arts to innovative enterprise. Such a balanced approach to education provides opportunities to each child to hone their skills and groom their personality, to be what they can.

Often in our intense desire to secure their future, we set unrealistic expectations or impinge on the children’s right to pursue their interest beyond books, considering them as superfluous. Conversely, co-curricular activities are equally if not more, conducive to cognitive development. Research shows that children who are actively involved in physical and creative activities do well academically too.

Therefore, as nurturing adults, we need to respect the child’s space and give them freedom to follow their heart. That is how we help them grow and blossom and enable them to make a meaningful contribution to the society that sustains them and us.

We serve the universe by making the most of our own lives’, The Invitation- Oriah

Happy learning and happier living !!


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