• The Curriculum and Learning process at The Indian Academy, Dubai

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Our learner centered focus not only caters to the needs of the academic disciplines but also the needs and concerns of the individuals. We believe schools should be enjoyable places where children develop naturally according to their own innate natures. The goal of education is the growth of individuals, each in harmony with his/her own unique intellectual, social, emotional, and physical attributes.

One of the major goals of The Indian Academy is to make provisions for the holistic growth of our children and equip them with knowledge and skills intrinsic to compete in a global community. In order to assist our students in accomplishing these goals, we offer them the opportunity to grow in awareness with the Pupil Enrichment Programme (PEP). This programme is embedded into the curriculum so that our students grow as competent and confident individuals which is purely based on the child’s interests.

We are upgraded to CBSE Board from: 2015-2016.

Please click the link for more information on CBSE Board www.cbse.nic.in​

Academic Programme
Academic Programme The core purpose of our school is to help develop the individual strengths of our pupils.
Primary, Middle & Secondary School
Assessment Student progress is carefully assessed against clear and realistic expectations in the form of learning outcomes.
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