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APRIL 2018
2/4/18 Mon School reopened for KG2-10
3/4/18 Tues School reopened for KG 1
9/4/18 Mon Maker space clubs begin
15/4/18 Sun School reopened for Pre- KG
17/4/18 Tues Nominees announced/ Friendship Day
18/4/18 Wed Nominees address the student body
22/4/18 Sun Earth day celebrations
23/4/18 Mon Eng Lang Day-  choral recitation, KG BASELINE begins
24/4/18 Tues Student council election
25/4/18 Wed Grade 1- PTE, CAT4 2-10
26/4/18 Thurs Grade 1- PTM
29/4/18 Sun KG- Movers and Shakers- Int. Dance Day
MAY 2018
3/5/18 Thurs Field visit- Sharjah museum
7/5/18 Mon Last day for PA1
8/5/18 Tues First Aid training- Aster (SS) talk by school nurse(PS/ KG)
9/5/18 Wed Dress rehearsal for Investiture and merit prize distribution


10/5/18 Thurs AI-MUN, First comrades meeting
12/5/18 Sat Investiture/ merit prize/ haqal lail/ bake sale/ buy a blessing/ PTM-1

Mother’s Day- read me a story

15/5/18 Tues Special Assembly- women empowerment
16/5/18* Wed Ramadhan begins- shortened school day* subject to moon sighting
19/5/18 Sat Leadership sessions, Service Drive for Support staff
20/5/18 Sun Little Artists – KG
21/5/18 Mon “Proud to be myself”-world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development
25/6/18 -26/5/18 Fri-Sat Student volunteer at camps, Iftar tents
31/4/18 Thurs “Effects of passive smoking” article writing/ poster making/ slogan writing
JUNE 2018
5/6/18 Tues World environment day- pledge Eco-jihad
6/6/18 Wed Closure- Ramadhan charity Drive
9/6/18 Sat Ramadhan fest- interschool contests
12/6/18 Tues World Day against child labor- Reader theatre/ Pretend play
13/6/18 Wed Community Iftar & father’s Day challenge
17-20/6 Sun-wed Beach / park cleaning * subject to DM approval

20/6- color day- KG

21/6/18 Thurs International yoga day- Yoga in Assembly

21st last day for closure PA2.

Character Dress up Day – KG

22/6 & 23/6 Sat, Sun UAE tour & overnight camp*
25/6/18 Mon NGRT / Field visit Shapes are fun- KG
26/6/18 Tues NGRT/ field visit
27/6/18 Wed NGRT/ Field visit

Lemonade Day – KG

28/6/18 Thurs Class party: theme Eid Celebrations- PTM2

Comrades Meeting 2

30/6& 1/7 Sat, Sun UAE tour & overnight camp*

Based on available dates

1st July 2018 –  1st September 2018            SUMMER BREAK
September 2018
2/9/18 Sun School Reopens for all Students / DM cleaning initiative
5/9/18 Wed Teachers Day Celebrations- Student led teaching @ school
17/9/18 Mon KG- Posh Paws, Leadership Session Primary prefects
19/9/18 Wed KG visit to the mosque, Leadership session, Secondary Prefects
27/9 Thurs World tourism day- Brochure making for Dubai Tours, KG- virtual tour Seven wonders of the world


October 2018
2/10/18 Tues Int. Day of Non- violence- poetry/ poster- KG- dress-up Day
11/10/18 Thurs World obesity day- Anti-Obesity drive @ school
15/10/18 Mon Global Hand washing Day- Relevance of sunnah and science in health and hygiene routines
16/10/18 Tues First term exams, KG- World Food Day charity
22/10/18 Mon KG- Readathon
28/10/18 Sun Int. Animation Day- SS-PS- How real is reel life?

KG – movie time

28/10 – 31/10 Sun – Wed Error analysis and feedback for improvement
29/10/18 MON Periodic Assessments- PA3 begins
1/11/18 Thurs PTM Term 1 Buy a blessing
3/11/18 Sat UAE Flag Day 2018*
4/11/18 Sun Field visit- KG- Sharjah aquarium/ Al Rawabi
5/11/18 Mon Diya Decoration contest
6/11/18 Tues Rangoli contest, Poetry writing contest
14/11/18 Wed Children’s Day Celebration- School picnic
15/11/18 Thurs Carnival/ annual day
20/11/18 Tues Sports Day practice Begins
29/11/18 Thurs Martyrs day – Story writing- Emirati characters


2/12/18 Sun Holiday-UAE National Day
3/12/18 Mon Holiday-UAE National Day
11/12/18 Tues DRESS rehearsal Sports Day
13/12/18 Thurs Sports Day
17/12/18 Mon Last day for PA3
13/12/18 Thurs PTM 4, KG2 Parents Transition Meeting

16th December 2018 – 5th January 2018, DOJ: 6th January 2018

Special classes for Grades 9,10

6/1/19 Sun School reopens for all students PA4 – Begin
10/1/19 Thurs Dignity of Labor Day: celebrating parity at work
13-17/1/19 Sun – Thurs Mock 1 – Board X

Prelims- IX

14/1/18 Mon Field visit- KG 2: PS- Hour of Code, SPELL BEE
15/1/18 Tues Field visit – KG 1 Pre- Kg Spell Bee
24/1/18 Thurs TIAD Science Fair 2019
28/1/19 Mon Last day for PA 4
31/1/18 Thurs PTM 5- Buy a blessing
10-14/2 Sun- Thurs ASSET 3-9

MOCK 2- Grade 10

17-21/2/19 Sun- Thurs GL- PT series, Grade 10 Farewell

Baseline Progress

18-19/2/19 Mon-Tues Stress management, time management and study skills workshop for primary & secondary students
26/2/19 Tues Term 2 begins
7/3/19 SUN Term 2 ends
7/3/19 Thurs KG Graduation Day, COMRADES MEETING 5
10-14 Sun- Thurs Error Analysis, Notebook Collection,

Students volunteer to run BOOK Banks/ support book sale prep at the stores- Buy A Blessing prep

17- 18/3 Sun- Mon Student lead classroom designing and join curriculum planning and review
19/3/19 Tues Class party
20/3/19 Wed PTM- Final results Book Sale Begins

Students: 21/3/19 – 31/3/19,           DOJ: 1/4/19

27/3/19 Wed Parent Orientation 8:30-11:30
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