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An article by our Executive Director & Officiating Principal - Dr. Aninda Chatterji in One8One Magazine

The National Agenda of the Dubai Government has raised the bar for education in the Emirate. With successive cycles of DSIB (Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau) school inspections, the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) has managed to greatly improve the bottom line of academic standards in Dubai. Today, the vision of the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has looked at two important things at education.

The first of this is Capacity Building. With expo 2020 in mind and with the expectation that many expat families will come to Dubai around that period, the Emirate has carefully planned the number of schools seats require to meet the inflow of expats. As of today more seats are still required but Dubai has a plan to reach the target.

The second is to provide quality education. The Emirate also plans to be among the top countries in education rankings and hence has lead an ambitious programme of attainment in TIMSS, PEARLS & PISA. Great emphasis is given to better quality of teachers, their training and consequently better delivery of a skill based curriculum.

The UAE has identified English, Math & Science as the key areas for development and expects these to reach globally acceptable standards in the near future, added to this is the thrust on the learning of Arabic and the understanding of Islamic Culture. All of this would lead to sustain the development of education and schools in the Emirate.

In the years to come, with the constantly raised standards of the KHDA, there is no doubt that Dubai will achieve its targets regarding education. The next step for Dubai would obviously be to become a regional hub for education where it could attract the best schools and colleges from around the world to open shop in the Emirate so that students from across the region will get quality education closer to home.

In the years that I have been in Dubai, I have seen a huge a positive growth in the education scenario and how schools today are much better that it used to be. This will continue to move forward positively till 2020 and later. The region in general and the UAE in particular has the impetus to grow into a highly efficient and quality hub for regional education.

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